What causes damage to the optical lens?

Date:2017年11月30日 12:10

Whether it is an inorganic material or an optical lens made of an organic material, in daily use, the lens is worn due to friction with dust or gravel (silicon oxide), and scratches are formed on the surface of the lens. Compared with glass sheets, organic materials have lower hardness and are more likely to cause scratches. Through the microscope, we can observe that the scratches on the surface of the lens are mainly divided into two types. One is because the scratches generated by the gravel are shallow and small, and the wearer is not easy to detect; the other is the scratch caused by the larger gravel. Deep and peripherally rough, in the central area will affect vision.
     By reducing the wear on the lens coating, the lens quality can be improved and the lens life can be extended.
     During the installation of the optical lens, if the method is not correct, the lens will be contaminated. Therefore, follow the operating procedures.
     If a large number of lenses need to be installed and removed, it is necessary to design a fixture to accomplish the task. A dedicated fixture reduces the number of contact with the lens, reducing the risk of lens contamination or damage.
     In addition, if the lens is not installed correctly, the laser system will not work properly or even be damaged. All CO2 laser lenses should be mounted in one direction. Therefore, the user should confirm the correct direction of the lens.

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