Optical glass has promoted human progress

Date:2017年11月27日 12:11

Optical glass is a special type of special glass that is different from ordinary glass that we use. It can provide a special optical field of view and provide an important material premise for human understanding of the microscopic world.
     Optical glass has good light-passing properties, and it can be used to ensure good light transmittance when making optical lenses. This is very important. When observing the outer space environment, the loss of light in the lens is generally very large, making observation of the air. It will lose a lot of vision and cause great observation errors. On the other hand, when observing the microcosm, the good performance of optical glass can improve the thickness of the lens, and it can produce more compact observation lenses, making the experimental equipment more Convenient and practical.
     It can be said that without the help of optical glass, our technological progress will be slower.

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