Wide use of optical glass

Date:2017年11月24日 12:12

A glass that changes the direction of light propagation and changes the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light is called an optical glass. It is an inorganic glassy material that transmits light by refraction, reflection, transmission, or changes the intensity or spectral distribution of light by absorption. It has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity.
     Optical glass is a glass material used to make lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, etc. of optical instruments or mechanical systems. Including colorless optical glass (commonly referred to as optical glass), colored optical glass, radiation-resistant optical glass, radiation-proof glass and optical quartz glass.
     Optical glass has a high degree of transparency, a high degree of uniformity in chemistry and physics (structure and properties), and a specific and precise optical constant. It can be divided into a series of silicate, borate, phosphate, fluoride and sulfur compounds. There are many varieties, mainly classified according to their position in the refractive index (nD)-Abbe value (VD) map. Traditionally, nD>1.60, VD>50 and nD<1.60, VD>55 are classified as 冕(K) glass, and the rest of the glass is designated as Flint (F) glass. The bismuth glass is generally used as a convex lens, and the flint glass is used as a concave lens. Generally, bismuth glass belongs to alkali borosilicate system, light bismuth glass belongs to aluminosilicate system, heavy bismuth glass and fluorite glass belong to alkali-free borosilicate system, and most of the flint glass belongs to lead-potassium silicate. system. As the field of application of optical glass continues to expand, its variety is expanding, and its composition includes almost all elements of the periodic table.

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