Factory Five machine department Germany Japan Factory Five machine department Germany Japan
JB360 BB5 WG360 UG36 QB11 QB11 BG14  
JB380 BB6 GG375 L-38 QB12 QB12   B-460
JB400 JB2 GG400 L-40 QB13 QB13    
JB420 JB4 GG420 L-42 QB16 QB16    
JB450 JB5 GG455 Y-44 QB17 QB17    
JB470 JB6 GG475 Y-46 QB18 QB18    
JB490 JB7 GG495 Y-48 QB19 QB19  


JB510 JB8 GG515 Y-50 QB21 QB21 BG38  
CB535 CB3 GG530 0-54 QB23   BG7 B-480
CB550 CB4 GG550   QB24   BG12  
CB565 CB5 GG570 0-56 QB26   BG18  
CB580 CB6 GG590 0-58 QB29   BG25 B-380
HB600 HB9   R-60 GRB1 QB15 KG2 HA-50
HB610 HB10 RG610   GRB2   KG1  
HB630 HB11 RG630 R-62 GRB3   KG3 HA-30
HB640 HB12 RG645 R-64 GRB4   KG4  
HB650 HB13   R-66 GRB5 QB15 KG5  
HB670 HB14 RG665   HB2 HB2 BG20 V-10
HB685 HB15   R-68 SSB40   FG6 LB-40
HB700 HB16 RG695 R-70 SSB145   BG34 LB-145
HB720   RG715 R-72 ZBG39   BG39  
HWB760     IR-76 ZBG40   BG40  
HWB780   RG780   AB00 AB10 NG1 ND-0
HWB800     IR-80 AB02 AB9 NG9 ND-03
HWB830   RG830 IR-83 AB2 AB8 NG3  
HWB850     IR-85 AB5 AB3    
ZWB1 ZWB1 UG11 U-340 AB10 AB7 NG4 ND-13
ZWB2 ZWB2 UG1 U-360 AB25 AB6 NG5 ND-25
ZWB3 ZWB3 UG5 U-330 AB30 AB2    
ZB1 ZB1   B-390 AB50 AB5 NG11 ND-50
ZB2 ZB2 BG3   色温
ZB3 ZB3   B-370 色温
QB2     B-410 色温
QB5     B-440        
QB10 QB10            
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